vrijdag 4 december 2009

A Generic Dialog ViewModel


A few months ago I worked on a wpf viewmodel for dialogs, because it seemed strange to me that you needed for instance windows forms dialogs to open or save files in wpf. So I set about creating my own wpf dialogs. After creating the dialog viewmodels there still remained a small issue with the library and also I didn't have much time to write an article about it. I however published the library containing the viewmodels for dialogs with another article on my blog. Someone saw the viewmodel in this library and asked if I could write about it. I had a good look at the code again and solved the small problem and so here's the article. I remembered looking for a nice viewmodel for dialogs a few months ago but couldn't find any. In the mean time since I wrote the viewmodel Sacha Barber published his Cinch framework. Part 3 of his series on the codeproject site describes a dialog service. My solution looks quite different so I hope you find this article still interesting.
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